Wednesday, June 18, 2008

GPS on a laptop linked to social media

Lots of social media-ish tools could gain allot by adding location information. E.g Blogging mashed up with google earth and blogspot or a location added to twitter. What if this were done automagically by taking gps coordinates from you laptop (requiring a built in GPS in your laptop, or a wimaxish triangulation System, I wonder if any laptops currently have this). This would be awesome for travel blogs and site surveyish stuff.

My first blender experience

I've tried to use blender before, but the interface always stumped me, so fifteen minutes later I would give up in frustration. But I have to do a project that requires some 3D work, so today I did the unthinkable and looked at tutorial on Blender( It is a great tutorial, and I showed me how powerful and clever the blender interface really is (Big props to the blender designers). So here's my first attempt, it's not gonna win any prizes but I'm pretty proud of it.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Alien Christ

So what if aliens do exist? Do they have the same God? Do they have the same savior and redeemer in Christ? Or do they have there own Christ, an Alien Christ. I present the Christ of the Martians, Alien Christ.
(Warning, this is a joke, if I have really offended you then I guess you should either forgive me out of friendship, or brood over my damnation or not read my blog)