Friday, May 14, 2010

A Masters Topic Finally

So as some of you probably know I have finished my masters proposal and finally have a real topic. Basically I am taking a certain type of social-ecological model used in decision making and policy planning and trying to hook them up to real time data. I'm doing this to check:

  1. That the models are correct
  2. That the decisions made based on the models still make sense.
I have a project page available here, which has a longer description and various useful links (like my actual proposal) for people who are more interested. I am also releasing all my source code as open-source, and releasing all my articles/thesis material under a creative commons license (more details at the project site). So go have a look, it will help you understand what I'm saying when I am ignoring you and talking to myself (come on, we all do it sometimes).

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maya said...

Thought I'd pop my head in.

From one Cape Townian (there arent many of us, are there?) to another... "Hi!!"